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Fully compliant solutions for all stages of IT Asset Management and Disposal for your company.

We’re an experienced provider of IT Asset Management and Disposition¬†(ITAMD) solutions include all levels of Enterprise Grade IT management including Data Destruction and Lifecycle Services including Resale, Redeployment and e-Stewards Certified Recycling and partners.

ITAMD is a proven provider of customized solutions that meet the most complex requirements of large scale businesses to and is capable of managing chain-of-custody without issue which ensures that your solutions are secure and sustainable.

Our Services

Secure and compliant solutions IT Asset Disposition solutions for brands and organizations of all sizes.

From 50 to 500,000 employees we can custom tailor a solution to your organizations needs on a global scale.

Reverse Logistics

Enhance trace ability with our own secure and comprehensive reverse logistics solutions; our proprietary process optimizes returns and enhances asset recovery rates.

Secure Chain of Custody

Our transparent and secure process ensures you always know where your assets are in the disposition process

Asset Verification &

Enhanced detailed reporting that fully complies with all regulations and a commitment to transparency ensure you always know where your assets are.

Asset Tear Down

Remove and decommission assets the right way; innovative technology and solutions make it easy to make your next move.

Parts Harvesting

Expand your options and trim costs; our expert assessments make it easy to identify and harvest assets that could otherwise be lost.

Data Destruction

Sanitization and total destruction via our secure and proprietary process provides you with unsurpassed peace of mind

Final Disposition &

Move forward with confidence knowing your important data assets have been fully decommissioned and destroyed beyond retrieval in full compliance with your wishes

Certificate of Destruction
& Recycling

Never be in doubt about compliance or the total destruction of your items; our transparent process and reporting ensures you always know where you stand.




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Computer Vision + Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain Technologies
combine to form the following solutions

Our proven ability to serve our targeted sectors, combined with unsurpassed innovation and a long track record of success will help us revolutionize the way items are tracked and handled in a variety of verticals.

Join us as our patented solutions come to market in 2019 and beyond.

RxCheck & RxSure

Healthcare Solutions

Improving patient safety and outcomes by preventing dangerous and costly medication errors and Adverse Drug Events. Comprehensive tracking and verification upon demand.

Government Secure

Supply Chain Management

Robust fraud and counterfeit detection coupled with unsurpassed and innovative logistics tracking and supply chain solutions.

Retail Return/Exchange

Kiosk Vision System

Self serve retail return kiosk improves the customer experience and provides the retailer with enhanced data and insights, with most returns completed and catalogued in under a minute.

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