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With a long and successful history in the IT asset management and destruction industry, we offer a variety of services designed to meet the diverse needs of several key industries. Our latest innovations target the retail, healthcare and government sectors with patented and proven solutions designed to enhance tracking and logistics with the power of Vision, AI and Blockchain Technology.
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Our Plan

We are focused on bringing our patented solutions for retail, healthcare and logistics to the marketplace in late 2018.

The evolution of technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and the rapidly evolving IT landscape have contributed to a dramatic increase in e-waste generation. Refresh cycles once measured in years are now measured in a matter of months. ITAMD offers a best practices agreement that allows it’s customers to customize the services realtime depending on current needs. ITAMD will adapt in both scope and volume as needed by our clients.

ITAMD is an aggressive and evolving IT asset disposition partner who works closely with many companies to minimize the environmental impact as well as risk of data exposure by following e-Stewards practices. It is crucial to have a trusted partner that keeps your policies and practices on the leading edge of the IT lifecycle evolution.

ITAMD’s team includes industry veterans and innovators focused on creating new cost effective solutions for a variety of industries and verticals. Our team has extensive experience with the creation and optimization of Vision, AI and Blockchain systems along with several proprietary, patented solutions for the retail, healthcare and government agencies.

Our Mission & Vision

To help organizations in a variety of industries with cost effective, innovative solutions incorporating the power of Vision + AI + Blockchain

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In 2019; join us as we deliver innovations that will have a global impact for both the Retail and Healthcare industries.


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