Proceed with confidence, knowing your data and outdated electronics are in good hands. Whether you ship these items to us or we handle destruction on site, you can be sure your brand and information stay secure.

Onsite Services

The ultimate in convenience — let us come to you to handle the complete destruction of sensitive data, records and proprietary information. This process is worry free and prevents the loss of your brand’s most important assets.

Offsite Services

Get rid of it for good. Your data and equipment will be securely transported to our high tech disposal site for proper and complete destruction. You’ll be able to monitor the process via our transparent reporting and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your brand is protected.

Chain of Custody

Where are your most important IT assets — and what is happening with your data? You never have to wonder, thanks to our clear and transparent reporting and our enhanced chain of custody practices.


Keep your data and brand secure; our team can launch the destruction process right at your own facility, so you never have to worry about where your old equipment is or who has access to it.


You can’t just unplug it and walk away. Your data center holds everything from your proprietary brand processes and details to your customer’s most sensitive data and information. Proper decommissioning of a data center requires real expertise. When our team of skilled technicians is done, there will be nothing left for thieves to find and exploit and you can move forward with confidence.


We come to you!

Let us take on the burden of rendering your outdated equipment truly safe to dispose of — and then destroying these pieces beyond repair or retrieval. Our proprietary process is at the forefront of the data destruction industry and allows our clients to gain full peace of mind about the process and their most valuable assets.


“Delete” just isn’t enough.

Our innovative approach to data erasure ensures that the targeted assets are not just hidden, but that they are truly destroyed and not retrievable by any means. Our team of skilled IT professionals can handle your data erasure tasks right on site, mitigating risk and securing your brand’s assets.